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"The Culinary Experience of India"
Northern Indian Cuisine
Indian Dishes To Suit Every Palate!

"The Culinary Experience of India"

We invite you to come and discover the rich flavor of North Indian dishes elegantly prepared by our chef Shiv Kumar. Sona restaurant offers a rich culinary experience. Our culinary style represents the Northern Indian experience that evolved throughout the centuries of diverse culture and heritage in India. Our chef includes a multitude of spices and herbs delicately balanced to accent the ingredients. We prepare various meat and vegetable dishes; each prepared with distinct flavor.

Our History

Mr. Shiv Kumar, the founder of Sona Restaurant, has been cooking Exotic Indian dishes for several years.

Mr. Kumar started cooking as a hobby. He enjoyed preparing delicious food for his friends and family. Impressed by his professional touch and unique taste, many of his friends and others who enjoyed his talent in cooking asked him to open a restaurant. His passion for inventing new recipes and serving to others finally created the Sona Restaurant.

So come join us for a dinner or lunch.

Sona restaurant's cozy atmosphere, great tasting food and selected drinks will surely make you feel at home! In addition to an indoor dinning area, the restaurant also has a spacious wooden deck to enjoy our dishes while experiencing the beauty of Winchester outdoors.